Choosing the right veterinarian isn't always an easy process. In fact it can be just as difficult as finding the right pediatrician for your children, or finding the right physician for yourself. However, there is a way to make better decisions with less stress just by following a few easy steps, and asking the right questions.

      Make a vet list.

      Call the breeder clubs or specialty pet shops in your area.

      Ask others, "What is it that makes your vet so good?"
      Re-examine your values.

      Make a list of the vets in your immediate area, your friend's recommendations and those recommended by clubs, animal organizations and pet stores. You may want two vets. One for emergencies within five miles and one you trust and like the most for regular care. This vet may be a longer drive, but worth it.

      Everyone says their vet is good or great. But when asking others the right questions, the real answers will come out. You could find out they do not have much to rave about after all. While doing your research, you may start to notice that the veterinarian your friends use is prescribing the same exact recommended treatment for all his/her patients, regardless of their individual needs.

      Finally, re-examine your values. Everyone has their own values, opinions and beliefs, and everyone feels that his/hers are the right ones. Never settle or back down on your beliefs when trying to find the right doctor. It will only cause more serious problems in the long run. It is normal to disagree on some issues. However, if your beliefs are on completely opposite ends of the field, keep looking. You should not have to disagree on treatments for your pet. Your vet should give professional support of your ideals and decisions. The right veterinarian is out there. Just don't be afraid to ask questions.

      This brings us to the last and most important step in choosing the right veterinarian. Be a little weary of gimmicks. Some veterinarians prescribe certain products because they make a large profit by selling them, and not necessarily because they believe in the effect. Do not to be fooled by a veterinarian trying to make an extra buck.