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      Aside from being a PF dog, Peetie was also a puppy mill puppy. Before and after photos are shown above. His medical history is listed below both for PFs and Non PFs as a constant reminder that.....

Peetie's Story

by Judith B

Peetie Trigo Brooke "Peetie"
Born sometime in February of 2000
A Schnauzer cross

      Before I had Peetie in my home I referred to him as my $1000 dog. But in fact heís turned out to be more like $3000.

      I saved Peetie from a puppy mill in northern Alberta. My sister picked him up for me. When she got him he had no undercoat so you could see his skin, he dragged his back legs, his belly was swollen and hard and he was filthy (he needed 3 baths to clean him up) and he didnít know how to drink from a bowl. Inspite of all these problems, he wanted to play. The vet who attended him the first time, wanted to put him down because he was so sick. But my sister said no, he needed a chance. The following is his medical history... March 2000: The first vet checked him out, gave him his first set of vaccinations (distemper, parainfluenza, leptospirosis, parvovirus, coronavirus) dewormed him & gave my sister instructions to hand feed him with a special formula every hour until he could feed himself. This took 7 days. April 25 : I picked him up and immediately went to my vet who took a skin scraping. He was underweight at 3.75lb or 1.7kg.

      May 5: Peetie received Duramune DA2PP + CVK. He was hospitalized and a fecal float was done. He was given Novo-Nidazol 250mg and Waltham canned food for growth.

      May 24: Fecal float and given Lopatol 100mg (2tabs now, 2 tabs in 10 days).

      Aug 28: Examined and still on the canned puppy food.

      His adult fangs had a black ring around them about the middle of the tooth.

      Aug 29:Examined & given Epi-Soothe shampoo for itchy skin.

      Discovered there was a thread of tissue attached to the head of his penis that pulled his penis back causing pain, the vet clipped it.

      Oct 3: Blood profile, neutering.

      Jan 26/01: Anal glands expressed, now on Nutram dry food for active dogs.

      Feb 5: Anal glands expressed.

      Apr 9: Anal glands expressed.

      April 23: Surgical mass removal (minor) for two lumps on his skin.

      May 29: Adult DA2PL +PV.

      July 18: Anal glands expressed & given Orbax 68mg.

      also discovered he had an infection in the shaft of his penis.

      Nov: Anal glands expressed, compacted on right side.

      Dec: Anal glands expressed, compacted on right side.

      June 11, 2002: Bronchi-shield III, DA2LP + PV, Rabies.

      July 4: Anal gland removal (both sides), metacam 32ml, novo-lexin 250mg.

      (Oct: Tibbs, my shi tzu/bichon delivered 6 puppies...Peetie very upset).

      Nov 14: Fistula infected, antirobe 75mg.

      Nov 20: Fistula surgery, hydromorphone, metacam, isoflurane anesthesia.

      Nov 25: Novo-prednisone 5mg (Vetís tech forgot to give me metacam!).

      Feb 14, 2003: Anafen 20mg for fistula in same location.

      Peetie attacked his back end & I discovered a blood blister on his anus. Within minutes it burst and exposed a hole and lesion about 1cm long.

      Feb 15: Saw homeopathic vet who prescribed 3 homeopathic remedies (an anti-biotic, de-toxifier, copper/gold/silver drops) for a 6 week period.

      Mar: Green pus in one eye, bathed it with boric acid solution for 3 days & it cleared up.

      Mar 30: Pus in both eyes, boric acid solution...fistula cleared up.

      Mar 31: Eyes clear.

      Throughout Peetieís life with me, he has obssessively rolled on the carpet or on the ground, needed to be scratched by me, attacked his back end and been very protective of the back half of his body. Before his first fistula appeared (when we were walking), he would pause and throw his head back. I think responding to pain from the fistula.

      I could never trust him because he often would pee in the house.

      Following recovery of his fistula operation, I found a new dog. For one month Peetie didnít do all the things that he had done since I got him 3 years ago. Then it started all over again until I noticed the new fistula.

      March 31, 2003: I conclude that he was demonstrating to me that he was in pain and in trouble from the day he was born. With the help of the homeopathic remedies, Peetie is in remission. He is once more a happy dog free of those symptoms that have plagued him throughout his life. Peetie does not pee in the house any longer.

      April 1, 2003: Slight pus drainage from both eyes. When walking with Peetie this morning he paused briefly, then threw his head back........"Is it coming back? Did I see this behaviour as the same one he had before his first fistula? Please god no".