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Ki's Story
by owner Debbie
IMPORTANT NOTE - **GIVING GRAPEFRUIT IS SPECIFIC TO ATOPIC BRAND OF CYCLO "ONLY"" Consult your veterinarian to be sure this combination is safe for YOUR dog

      Ok. Firstly Ki's Vet Treatment. Both my dogs weight 40 kg plus. Ki is the one the "specialists" wanted to put to sleep because it had got to the stage he could not even go to the toilet without an anemia. Fortunately I tried one more Vet on the day he was to be put to sleep. His new Vet put Ki on 200 mg of Atopica (cyclosporhin) with 30 mls of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. The grapefruit helps the Atopica to be absorbed to the Mx. I use a suringe to get the grapefruit juice down their throat. Ki had his medicine and juice 2 hours after his dinner. Soon as we started having results he then went on 100mg of Atopica and 30mls grapefruit juice. When the fistulas completely closed he then went on 50 mg of Atopica and 30mls juice for one week then every second day for 10 days. I used nothing on his bum except water to clean him if he went to the toilet. Being in Australia we do not have protopic. (Like everyone else I have a cupboard full of lotions, potions and creams I had bought to try and help him) Ki's treatment of Atopica lasted 12-14 weeks, but his pfs were really really bad, his poor bottom was disfigured, inflamed and a total mess. I can only image what was going on inside him. Now he has a small amount of scaring but he goes to the toilet normally and just enjoys life. Zen on 100 mg of Atopica and 30mls of grapefruit juice but he has his 2 hours before dinner. Reason being the Atopica didn't upset Zen's stomach at all and it is absorbed better on a empty tummy. Ki is a bit sick with the higher dose so we fed him 2 hours prior so his tummy had a lining.

      My Vet says that the pfs are a auto immune disorder. We stopped feeding the boys anything with preservatives in it. I am aware that a few people reading this won't agree with this diet but all I can say is it's working for us.

      For dinner they each have about 300grams of raw beef mince (people mince with no preservatives, I don't worry too much about the fat content, meaning I don't get diet mince). 3/4 cup of diced mixed frozen vegies with a little water cooked the microwave for 2 mins., 1tbs physillin husk, 1tbs of Livermol (which is a vitiamin and mineral sup. for horses and dogs) 1 tbs of faxseed oil (people stuff that is kept in the fridge). I never give Ki bones of any description. Both Ki and Zen look great their coats are soft and shiney, and their eyes are bright and clear. I hope this helps in some way even if it encourages someone not to give up on their best friend.